Monday, July 31, 2006

Club Triumph 10 Countries Run 2005 - Part 2

Unfortunately, with the delays and weather closing in, we couldn’t make it to the Stelvio run, but did venture onto the Splugenpass. This was brilliant and we made great use of the SatNav, with me calling the corners to Darren in a rally stylee… just a bit hairy when we rounded a hairpin bend leading the pack of cars and were faced with a cow in the middle of the road.

As we came down the pass, everyone was getting low on fuel and we were pleased to find a little village with a fuel station/café. Everyone re-fueled and some emergency work was carried out on a few cars before continuing into Liechtenstein, Austria and then Germany.

We arrived at the Nurbergring after a few interesting detours whilst following one of the other cars who was “leading the pack”. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to venture onto the circuit, have to save that one until next time.

On to Luxembourg and to complete the 10 countries, Belgium where we stopped for the night.

Following a great BBQ with the other crews and a well earned rest for the night, we set off for Calais and the journey back to Blighty. We surprised a few Mercs and Beemers on the M20 after filling up with some 99 octane super unleaded and then finished at the Plough, near on 2000 miles around Europe in a long weekend – Marvellous.

A huge well done to Martin Randle and all his work to organise the event and to everyone that took part as that's what makes the event.

I only hope the next one is as good - cause I'm organising it... gulp !!!