Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The List !!!

Upon returning from Gaydon on Sunday, Keith (my co-driver) and I came up with a list of things to do to the Bus in preparation for the Club Triumph 10 Countries Run... and here it is...

In no particular order:
Rear brakes - find them because it doesn't feel like there are any one the car
Front brakes - lots of vibration when braking at high speed, suspect warped discs
Oil cooler/breather - Install cooler and re-work the breather system to prevent blow back at high revs
Diff - Humming at 70mph and above - to change or not to change, that is the question
Boot lid - fit new one and paint
Driving lights - Following a bargain eBay purchase of 2 single Cibie Oscar+'s for £30, fashion some nice sturdy brackets and supports and wire via relay
Front Number Plate - replace (AJP - blame Greeksy, he broke it !!)
Heater - reconnect the front controls
Front Seats - Replace with something with more support (Saab black leather maybe ??)
Carpet - Replace
Rear Seat Belts - Holes created, waiting for belts...
Boot lock - Install one that works
Door locks - Fix comedy situation that allows people to get in but not get out
Aerial - Install new coat hanger
Stereo - Install (hence need for new coat hanger)
Front Panel - Remove rust, make good and paint
Alloys - Refurb, paint etc
Compass - Try and encourage it to point somewhere other than East
Passenger Rear View Mirror - Install (to help blind driver)
Headlights - Replace offside main beam unit and align both
Starter Motor - Replace solenoid with one that understands turning the key means start the bloody engine
Alternator - Upgrade to 23ACR (can the loom take it ??)
Speedo - Replace with one that matches and reads closer than 10% over
Dissy Springs - Replace the advance / retard springs which may help the pinking at high revs

Do-able in a weekend - what d'ya reckon ???

Watch this space for progress...


At 11:13 am, Blogger Raider said...

Well there's a bit to do there then Ellis!

Good luck with it all - brakes would be my priority along with other safety related items, followed by anything that impacts on reliability.

Cosmetics can wait - after all, I hope you are not a polisher!

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